Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New York. Its got the Ways and Means. Handling BDS, New York Style.

The reports are flowing in from sea to shining sea, and March 30, 2011 was indeed a bg deal. Store across the country reported selling out of Israeli products. JNF phones rang off the hook (Kudos to those of you who requested your tree certificates be sent to Jewish Voice for Peace!)

A buycott Israel flashmob was sighted in the Bay area- Video and photos will be posted as available. But perhaps the winner in innovation this year came out of New York City. An interactive art installation was set up by Artists 4 Israel in Washington Square Park on Monday afternoon. What does this have to do with BDS? It provides context for Israel's defensive action during cast Lead, and thats enough to make the haters squirm uncomfortably.

The Sderot-style shelter, covered with grafitti by top local artists was meant to give New York a taste of the terror involved, living in the shadow of daily attacks from Gaza. Sirens would wail and people had just 15 seconds to sprint to safety before explosions could be heard. Inside the mock shelter, a flat screen TV showed what life was like in beseiged Sderot.

Watch the video of the installation at the Artists 4 Israel's blog. And how about we make a effort to turn this into a travelling exhibit?

UPDATE: More BDS Failures on March 30

BDS Fails in Florida

Also: Because of Winn Dixie

And also from New York City... Rumor has it that luscious young women handed out Victoria's secret underwear, made in Israel, to community members.
They call it ""Panties for peace".


Anonymous said...

if you google buy Israeli goods day, you get about 24,600,000 hits. Thats a pretty good measure of success. So, how do you measure the success of a boycott, anyway?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

if you type into the youtube word search "americans aren't stupid" a video with public Q&A will come up showing you just how stupid and uninformed people really are. and yes many of the questions have to do with the Middle East.