Saturday, March 19, 2011

Its a BIG Deal. Buy Israel Goods March 30 ( and everyday)

March 30 2011 has been designated as a day to isolate and punish Israel through a proposed "day of action" that will promote the BOYCOTT of Israeli goods.

We are calling instead for March 30 to be turned into a day of special support for Israel. Please forward this announcement to your friends and community members and ask them to join the movement to counter the "boycott Israel day" on March 30. Put it in your blogs, and on your facebook pages. You can help make this movement a success.

Stores are filled with Israeli products for Passover. It is now easier than
ever to show support for Israel by buying Israeli products.

March 30 is also being promoted as the kick-off day to a year of hate directed towards the venerable Jewish National Fund. If you can't find anything you like in the stores,or online, please consider planting trees in Israel. Nearly 5 million trees were destroyed in December of last year, in worst fire in Israel's history. Lets help plant new life in our Northern forests on March 30.

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