Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bus stop bombing in Jerusalem: Has the third Intifada begun?

A bomb exploded at a crowded bus stop Wednesday in central Jerusalem, next to the Egged bus 74. At least 25 people were wounded. The blast could be heard throughout Jerusalem and blew out the windows of two crowded buses.

The Palestinians have been threatening a "third intifada". Is this the begining?

More news as its available. I'm waiting for the Palestinians to blame "disgruntled Thai workers" for this one....

Israel matzav is live blogging

From the J Post
One woman is dead, and fifty people were injured in the attack. Three were injured seriously from the explosion itself, four moderately from shrapnel packed into the explosive device and the remainder were in moderate to light condition.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Israel will have to respond to this with all that's been happening lately. get ready for it folks cause the radical leftists and many local muslims are about to go ballistic around here.

Anonymous said...

both facebook and youtube have refused to remove the pages calling for the third intifada

the la times has blogs promoting the pallywood version of events

this world is insane

Anonymous said...

Please pray for the victims:

Odelia Nechama bat Michal - suffered serious head injuries and is in intensive care. Her life is still in danger.
Natan Daniel ben Shulamit - a 17-year-old student who is in serious condition. He suffered massive internal injuries and has had a number of internal organs removed.
Leah Bracha bat Shoshana - is a 19-year-old seminary student. She suffered burns to her legs and arms as well as serious shock.
David Amoyal - David is the owner of the snack stand next to the bus stop. He told everyone to run away and then called the police, and was on the phone with them when the bomb exploded. He suffered injuries to his legs and feet and lower body. He is in moderate condition.
Sasson ben Shulamit - This is the second time Sasson has been injured in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. He suffered lower body injuries and serious post-traumatic symptoms.
Ad Shapira - Ad is 18 years old and just about to complete high school. She suffered light orthopedic injuries and is in good condition in hospital.
Shilo ben Ofra - Shilo is 15 years old, and suffered burns and fractures to his legs and lower abdomen. He is sedated in intensive care.
Daniel ben Nurit - Daniel is 13 years old, and suffered lacerations and shrapnel injuries to his lower extremities, and is likely to be released from the hospital before Shabbat.
Elchanan ben Alona - Elchanan is 14 years old, and suffered serious injuries to his feet. One ankle and three of his toes were crushed. He has had one operation and will require more surgery. He will likely be in the hospital at least 2-3 weeks.
Netanel ben Shlomit - Netanel is 18 years old and works as a security guard at the bus station. He was injured in the abdomen had surgery. He is now recuperating in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

And once again, the best line of the day goes to Jeff Goldberg of the Atlantic

Dear Reuters, You Must Be Kidding

This is from a Reuters story on the Jerusalem bombing earlier today:

Police said it was a "terrorist attack" -- Israel's term for a Palestinian strike. It was the first time Jerusalem had been hit by such a bomb since 2004.

Those Israelis and their crazy terms! I mean, referring to a fatal bombing of civilians as a "terrorist attack"? Who are they kidding? Everyone knows that a fatal bombing of Israeli civilians should be referred to as a "teachable moment." Or as a "venting of certain frustrations." Or as "an understandable reaction to Jewish perfidy." Or perhaps as "a very special episode of 'Cheers.'" Anything but "a terrorist attack." I suppose Reuters will mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by referring to the attacks as "an exercise in urban renewal."

The mind reels.