Tuesday, September 23, 2014

International Day of Action Against Israel, UC Berkeley: A photo essay

Today was the "Day of Action" against Israel on the University of California at Berkeley campus. The Mulim Students Association and Students for Just Us in Palestine shrieked "from the River to the Sea", and "We support the Intifada"  They bolstered their numbers with career anti-Israel activists from the community, but they were largely ignored by the students hurrying off to Top Dog for lunch
Lunch beats abject insanity any day.

The students of SJP made it perfectly clear that ALL of Israel was occupied territory to them, and  no, this had nothing to do with the territory acquired during the 6 day war


The student group Tikvah: Students for Israel gathered in quiet dignity, holding signs urging tolerance,  freedom and  dialog.

Some students prayed
Others held a teach-in.

This girl gets it.

 And this one doesn't

(Thanks to  DS and FM for the photos)

Thanks to Tikvah, students for Israel at UC Berkeley for maintaining your dignity, composure and civility in the face of such ugliness and provocation.


Anonymous said...

Chant this...

From the River to the Sea,
Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!

Gary Fouse said...

The Middle East is burning, ISIS is beheading and these idiots try to convince us that Israel is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you rock Nura! Preach! Zionism is nothing but racism

Anonymous said...

Pal-e-SWINE will never be? You mean a Palestine with Zionists will never be?

Gary Fouse said...

Was Andy Gutierrez giving the finger to the Jewish students as is his wont?

uncle harvey said...

That's why you are anonymous . Go crawl back under your stone
Am Yisrael Chai !

Anonymous said...

To all Israel haters - EAT YOUR HEART OUT....
Israel is strong and prosperous and there is NOTHING you can do to change that, not your moronic campaign of stupidity, not your ASININE BDS, or your hate architect so called prof. Bazem.
Neither the corrupt UN, the socialist EU or the chief Muslim in the white house....go fly a kite bozos

Anonymous said...

Truth revolt has a tape here: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/uc-berkeley-students-call-murdering-jews-we-support-intifada

Anonymous said...


Why self proclaimed "progressives" align themselves with Pal-e-SWINIANISM is a wonder of self-delusion.