Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vanessa Beeley: Spinning "Palestine"

 A March 4 email sent by Vanessa Beeley spreads insight into the mind-set of the anti-Israel activist. Vanessa writes:

My name is Vanessa Beeley and I currently volunteer with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, a global NGO based in Lebanon that is an umbrella organization for civil society associations that support the Palestinian Cause, both in the Arab countries and the world, and has representatives and partners in over 45 countries around the world to set up events and movements to advocate the Palestinian cause and in particular the right of return.

We are looking for volunteers that could help promote our English Facebook page by posting on a regular basis.

This role requires a daily contribution of around 5 pertinent articles or posts and will therefore not take up too much of your time especially if you are already involved in the Palestinian cause and an avid reader of news on Palestine or a regular on Facebook.

If this is of interest to you and you would like to get involved please check out the page itself (link above) and then decide if you would have the time to devote to this project which has also just started a French page and will shortly be considering a Turkish and Spanish page, so you will be an important part of a global pro Palestinian movement, with particular emphasis on the right to return.

Please find below, the Global Return's page policy which will give you a very clear indication as to what they require regarding posts.

I hope this will be of interest to you and please dont hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions. 

In solidarity

Vanessa Beeley

Vanessa is committed to keeping the posting on this facebook page formulaic and predictable, using the same tired tropes  that emphasize the eternal victim-hood of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis.

Palestinians and their activists have narrative- and any correlation with truth with highly coincidental. Vanessa's guidelines do not, as she claims "advocate for the Palestinian cause".   These guidelines are simply anti-Israel. In Vaneesa's world, the extremists of Hamas and Palestinian jihadist groups can be ignored in support of her "righteous" cause.

Vanessa continues with  The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine Face book page Policy statement, writing

The Page’s editors should take into consideration that it is not a news platform but rather a page for an NGO. It covers many aspects of the Palestinian cause alongside the news about the Campaign’s activities, and maintains a unifying tone away from dealing with any religious, sectarian, regional, and Political divisions, with focus on civil work and movements. It aims at bringing all people together, from different backgrounds and intellect, in support of our central and righteous Palestinian Cause....

 Most important Palestinian events which are not classified as daily or routine occurrences and clashes between the Palestinians and the Israeli Soldiers for example:      
*  Child and students’ Detentions such as the most recent case of Malak Al Khatib (14 Years- Youngest prisoner in Israeli Jails and have spent almost two months in detention).
*  Settlers taking over Palestinian houses in Jerusalem or West Bank, and their assaults against Palestinian lives and other properties. 

*  Palestinians Killed by the Israelis during protests or sit-ins that end up with Clashes.
*   Bulldozing Palestinian Houses in Jerusalem and other places all over Palestine.

Humanitarian stories from Gaza (and the rest of Palestine), like:
*  Children dying out of cold during winter storms and the miserable conditions of the homeless families after the Israeli aggression.
*   The consequences of the Israeli Blockade, like most recently a group of students threw their diplomas in the sea of Gaza because they are unable to leave the strip and resume their degrees in the universities outside.

 *  Stories of wounded recovering from their injuries and other news about the situation post-war.

Civil Society organizations and NGOs’ movements and activities that are held in solidarity with Palestine, and those are classified according to three domains:

*  Activities and events held by the members of the Campaign each in their own country.
*  Activities and movements of NGOs around the world that are not members of Campaign.
*  Civil movements against the Israeli occupation that take place inside Palestine (whether by Palestinians or by foreign activists)

 Special and outstanding writings about Palestine, its people, and major events, by authors, activists, or blogs.

Photos and videos from Palestine that covers the following points:
*  Highlighting the beauty of the cities, towns, and villages in occupied Palestine.
*  Shedding light on certain aspects of the Palestinian cause like
*  The miserable conditions in Gaza caused by the blockade and the latest Israeli aggression.
*  Israeli Soldiers assaulting Journalists.
*  Child detentions. 

Vanessa Beeley ' s guidelines for spinning this conflict remove all responsibility from the Palestinians, and promotes a one sided biased narrative that does nothing to bring about peace.


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