Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Surprising reaction by the family of Israeli Teen assasinated by ISIS.

Accused of being a spy by ISIS, 19 year old Israeli Arab Muhammad Said Musallam was assassinated this week.

His parents'  reaction may surprise you. From an interview with Said Musallam, Muhammd's father

Via the Jerusalem Post

“I understood from my son that Islamic State lied to him,” he said.

“I will sacrifice myself and my three other sons to go to war and fight against Islamic State with Israel. The leader of Islamic State will die the way my son died. His death is coming.”

His son had been killed, Said said, because he knew too much.

“Muhammad was knowledgeable about Islamic State – the maps, territories, locations, everything,” he said. “The reason Islamic State was scared was because if he came back to Israel, he could tell the Mossad the information and destroy them because he knew everything.”

Despite his son’s decision to join the terrorist organization, Said emphasized that he and his family stood with Israel.

“My loyalty is to Israel, because my family lives in Jewish neighborhoods and no one gives us any trouble or complications,” he said.

“We believe that we are family. We have the same father, Abraham.”

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