Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ten Things you need to know about Hamas

Lets see how long the Hamas Fatah Unity government lasts.  In the meanwhile, via Tablet Magazine, here's 10 things you should know about Hamas.

1. Hamas Is an Internationally Recognized Terror Organization.
2. Hamas Was One of the First Two Organized Islamist Terror Groups.
3. Hamas’ Biggest State Sponsor Over the Years has Been Iran.
4. To Get Rid of Fatah in Gaza, Hamas Tossed Handcuffed Prisoners Out of Buildings.
5. Hamas Continues to Be Committed to Destroying Israel.
6. Hamas Mastered the Art of Suicide Bombers a Decade Before 9/11.
7. Hamas Strangles Palestinians Suspected of Working with Israel.
8. Hamas has Launched the Vast Majority of Rockets at Israeli Civilians in the South.
9. Hamas is Legally in Very Hot Water.
10. Hamas Kidnapped Gilad Shalit and Just Said They Want to Do It Again.        

The IDF Blog has a section on Hamas as well. To learn more about Hamas visit Hamas Terrorism 101

Just last month our new "partner for peace"  Ismail Haniyeh, urged his supporters in Gaza to continue  fighting Israel with acts of terror, declaring "Hamas is the cannon and we are the ammunition"

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