Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sodastream. Maybe not BDS fail. Maybe BDS irrelevant?

There is an elitist attitude amongst anti-Israel activists- a core belief that their cause alone is at  the center of the universe.  They use their accompanying self-righteousness as justification for all sorts of bad behavior. This “end justifies the means” mentality involves a dismissal of all standards of societal norms of behavior and leads to a baffling moral inversion     The pro-Israel camp has seen their speakers  shouted down,  their facilities vandalized, and their activists  targeted and harassed.  Those  "progressives" who dare deviate face the wrath of the gatekeepers of political correctness.  One of the corollaries of this  egotistical  “center of the universe” attitude is that all that happens is seen through the lens of their warped belief system.

Several months ago, Sodastream stock took a tumble.  The BDS cru declared victory.  The fact that Coca Cola was considering creating its own home carbonation device couldn't possibly have anything to do with the stock prices.  This was the result of their efforts. They were winning.  Even Scarlett Johansson couldn’t save Sodastream.

 In the warped world view  of the anti-Israel activist, there are no routine business decisions   Its all about BDS. 

Yet this week Sodastream stock prices soared.   Are the BDS’ers wearing sack cloth and ashes and wringing their hands over the failure of their efforts?   Are they bemoaning the abject failure of their cause?

Strangely enough, no.  Apparently only events that support their allegations bear notice- everything else can be conveniently ignored.  Why the uptick?   Starbucks is considering buying a portion of Sodastream. This  has led to the surge in stock prices. Maybe it isn't really a BDS fail. We should call it what it really is, and what its been all along.

BDS irrelevant.

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