Monday, April 7, 2014

Joseph Dana of +972 -Not a real journalist

Joseph Dana, a "journalist" from +972 Magazine would be well served reading the Society of Professional Journalists Code Of Ethics

Via Israel Matzav

Journalist Joseph Dana, known in the Twitterverse as @IbnEzra, has been found guilty of interfering with the security forces in the course of carrying out their duties for throwing rocks during a demonstration at Nebi Salah in October 2010 (link in Hebrew).

On October 24, 2010, there as a demonstration of 'Palestinians,' 'internationals' and Israelis in Nebi Saleh in Samaria. One of the policemen saw Dana and someone named Yuval Oron throwing stones at the security forces. The two were arrested half an hour later for activity designed to prevent the police from fulfilling their legal duties, for participating in an illegal demonstration in a manner that disturbed the peace and instilled fear in the public.

Dana's excuse? 
He claimed that he was a journalist. 
He's not.
To Joseph Dana- if you are actively participating in an action, you are neither neutral nor objective, and any  "reporting" you do needs to be seen through the lens of your bias. You are a propagandist, plain and simple  Will +972 or Mondoweiss continue to publish Dana's reports?  I have no doubt that they will-  because to the anti-Israel cru, this has never been about presenting truth- its about promoting a one sided and twisted agenda

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