Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pharell Williams' "Happy" the Gaza Concentration camp edition

Variations of Pharell Williams' feel-good anthem  "Happy"  have been going viral all over Youtube.  Nearly 800 different versions of Williams' song have been uploaded to Youtube from over 90 countries. Check out the latest- the Gaza Concentration camp edition.  Note the broad boulevards, the swimming pools, discotheques, and the fully stocked grocery stores. 

This is Gaza, the world's largest open air prison.

Incidentally, the Tel Aviv version of  "Happy" was chosen by  Pharrell Williams for use in the UN’s  second International Day of Happiness.



wkovacs said...

“Nothing prepares you for Gaza; no amount of UN humanitarian reports, no amount of newspaper articles, no amount of human rights investigations. None of these can adequately convey what the people here are going through; the profound sense of isolation and the sheer scale and depth of the suffering,” said Pierre Krähenbühl.

nice that the un appointed an honest observer to take falk's place...heh

Anonymous said...

"None of these can adequately convey what the people here are going through"

That's what happens when you choose genocidal maniacs to lead you.

Still complaining about no cement? get it out of the FreeDumb tunnels.

Complaining about running sewage? Take back the sewage pipes used for rockets.

As for the BS at the UN... We can smell it globally.

mjazzguitar said...

It's a wonder Hamas allowed that- all that uncovered meat and Muhammad hated music anyway.