Monday, November 21, 2011

Palestinians invest in Israel. BDS Epic fail!

From Amira Haas in Haaretz (so you know its true!)

"Private Palestinian investment in Israel, as of 2010, amounted to $2.5 billion in a conservative estimate, and according to a more optimistic estimate this investment possibly even amounts to $5.8 billion. For purposes of comparison, private Palestinian investment within the West Bank, as of 2011, was only $1.5 billion.

This is the surprising conclusion reached by Issa Smeirat who for his master’s thesis in economics has done the first research of its kind into this phenomenon, its extent and its implications - issues that until now have not been discussed in the professional literature.

Had the $2.5 billion been invested in the territories of the Palestinian Authority, he estimates, the money could have created 213,000 jobs for Palestinians."

So, what was this I've read about "Palestinian civil society" supporting Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions?

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