Sunday, November 13, 2011

Exports from Gaza

Juan Cole recently wrote a column on Israel’s "Strangulation of Gaza by the Numbers". Forgive me if I don't link to it.
Its filled with lies and misrepresentations, including this egregious lie:

Juan asserts that "Exports from Gaza to the rest of the world allowed by Israel:0"

And Juan would be wrong.
from Agricultural Export Season From Gaza To Begin

"During the past year, Palestinians from the Gaza Strip have exported more than 399 tons of strawberries, 10 million carnations, 6.5 tons of cherry tomatos and 6 tons of red, green and yellow bell peppers to European markets. In the coming year, Palestinians are expected to export 1,000 tons of strawberries, 20 million carnations and 150 tons of red, green and yellow bell peppers."

Furthermore, representatives of the Coordinator of the Government Activates in the Territories (COGAT) have announced that starting next month, an initial pilot program of furniture export from Gaza to Europe will commence.

No, we can't even inform Juan of his error. He doesn't allow such comments on his blog. its still a truth optional world for anti-Zionists out there.

Juan, if the people of Gaza are really "food insecure", why do they grow flowers and food for export?

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