Friday, November 4, 2011

Gaza Flotilla Confession: "We Have no cargo"

Another beautiful job by the Israeli Defence Forces. The "provocatilla" by two ships has been peacefully ended. The ships and their passengers are now on their merry way to Ashdod.

In this brief film, Israel Navy contacts the vessels and offers them the opportunity to dock in Ashdod port. When asked what their cargo is, the flotilla replies "we have no cargo"

"Contact was made between the Israel Navy and the vessels Tahrir and Saorise which are sailing towards the Gaza Strip. The purpose of this attempt is to create a provocation against the State of Israel, to break the maritime security blockade on Gaza, and to undermine Israel's security.

The IDF Chief of Staff ordered the Navy to board the vessels-should they refuse our radio requests

According to international law, it is lawful for Israel to impose a naval blockade on the Gaza Strip because it is currently in a state of armed conflict with the Hamas terrorist organization, the ruling entity of the Gaza Strip (see the law of blockade for more information). The Hamas terrorist organization is designated as a terrorist entity by the US, UK, EU and state of Israel.
Since taking over the Gaza Strip in 2007, the Hamas terrorist organization has launched thousands of rockets into major Israeli population centers, populated by one million Israeli civilians. During the last decade, Hamas has orchestrated a long series of suicide bombings, killing hundreds of Israeli civilians. The Hamas terrorist organization continues to smuggle rockets into Gaza via the sea and underground tunnels."

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Anonymous said...

Have any of the usual Israel Haters ever stopped to think that an open Gaza would mean that every terrorist group in the world would have an office and a warehouse full of weapons, and that Iran would have a naval base on the Med?