Thursday, November 17, 2011

Buy Israel Week Nov. 28-Dec 4

Kairos Palestine just issued a formal statement condemning Buy Israel week.
Guess what? They don’t like it.
Are we surprised?

Oh, how they hate it when the Jews fight back

Kairos is clearly threatened by the initiative, an integrated print and online marketing campaign organized by, The Jewish Week Media Group of NY, Washington Jewish Week, Florida Jewish Journal, Tribe Media Corporation, the Jewish Standard of New Jersey, the Chicago Jewish News, Israel-America Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturers’ Association of Israel, Israel Export and Cooperation Institute and Stand With Us.

Using language like "Frantic". "Anything but subtle". "Desperate" . "A sense of hysteria" , Kairos has attacked Buy Israel Week, to be held from November 28 to December 4

Why are they feeling so threatened?

Buy Israel Week features a marketing package that includes exposure to up to 1 million people in targeted markets across the US, as well as comprehensive social media outreach through Facebook and Twitter, blog features, YouTube videos and “Seriously Surprising Israel Deals” featuring Israeli products and giveaways
How can you participate?
Check out the Buy Israel Week blog.
"Like" their facebook page. Follow them on Twitter
Sign up for updates

If you are a local business that sells Israeli good, offer a deal

And buy, buy , buy Israeli products.

Word of the campaign is spreading throughout the Jewish community. "It is a matter of pride for me to want to buy products that are made in Israel, Esther Adler, 86, of Boynton Beach said. "When I shop for food and see something that is imported from Israel, it is always my first choice."

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