Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rasmea Odeh sentenced to prison, deportation

Rasmea Odeh, a member of the PFLP terror group was convicted of a 1969 bombing that killed Hebrew University students Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner,  as well as the attempted bombing of the British Consulate in Israel.

She served 10 years of a life sentence before being released in a prisoner exchange in 1979, and came to America.  In November 2014, Rasmea was convicted in federal court in Detroit of lying on her immigration paperwork by denying her Israeli convictions,  incarceration, and affiliation with terror groups

Today, Rasmea Odeh was sentenced to 18 month in prison and stripped of her citizenship. She will be deported to Jordan at the end of her sentence. She is free on bond pending a planned appeal.

Anti-Israel activists attempted to turn this trial into a highly politicized  anti-Israel circus. It didn't fool Judge Gershwin Drain

"It's not about freedom fighters,"  Judge Drain said. "It's about telling the truth."

Victims of Rasmea Odeh: Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner

Funeral of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner

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