Monday, March 16, 2015

Etsy-gate continues

Our story so far:

Paul Larudee of the International Solidarity Movement had a "shop" on the website Etsy that was shut down for a direct violation of the sites guidelines- for reselling items he did not design or make.

Although the ISM's support for terror regimes was not a contributing factor in the decision, Paul has pulled the "discrimination" card, claiming:

This is ripe for exploitation by persons who want to persecute others or sabotage their competition.  In our case, our Palestinian advocacy is not appreciated by persons or groups who would be pleased to see Palestinians disappear from the remnants of historic Palestine where they cling to existence under horrific conditions.  I can well imagine that such persons might organize in such a manner as to create a critical mass of reports in order to motivate you to close our store.  It is therefore not accurate to say that our store was not suspended due to our support of Palestinians and Palestinian human rights, only that this was perhaps not your intention.

 The Etsy representative calmly and patiently explained the policy, writing

"Based on the information you've provided, it appears that you, the person responsible for running the Etsy shop, are not making or designing the items being sold. As a result, I've determined that your business does not meet Etsy's Guidelines and suspended your selling privileges."


But Paul's a classy guy. If he's going down, everyone is going down. Speaking of  "sabotaging the competition",  he writes to Etsy, fingering all other resellers of Palestinian goods:

Here is a partial list of other Etsy producers of the same or similar keffiyehs as ours, some of them from the same producer in Palestine:

Same items from other Etsy stores, same producer as ours (Yasir Hirbawi, in Palestine), all cotton:

Made in Turkey or other countries, same manufacturing process, often with synthetic fabric.

Paul, Larudee

There you have it, activists.  As your Etsy shops get closed down, one by one, you now know who is responsible. No, its not  the Worldwide Zionist Conspiracy, though we are sitting back with our popcorn and enjoying the show.  This is in the hands of your very own Paul Larudee.

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Anonymous said...

Paul Larudee,


And while you dab your tears, please end your personal brutal and racist occupation of Native American lands.