Saturday, March 5, 2016

Confronting Bassem Tamimi at UC Berkeley

Some Jews, apparently are tired of being a "model minority".

Bassem Tamini, an anti-Israel activist from Nabi Saleh may be best known as the man who takes his young children to anti-Israel riots, in hopes of creating a viral photo op. He's the dad of the notorious pre-pubescent "Shirley Temper",  budding star of ubiquitous Pallywood productions.

Tamimi took his dog and pony show on the road last autumn, promoted widely by the usual suspects. He had several Bay area appearances, soliciting donations. (only cash- no checks)

On Oct 2  Tamimi spoke in small classroom in UC Berkeley's Wheeler Hall,  sparsely attended by several dozen people.

Showing astonishing bravery,  a young man entered the classroom and confronted Tamini about his history of terror, antisemitism and even murder. It was a move straight from the playbook of the Israel haters.

Watch it here:

Yeah- they hate it when the Jews fight back.

For more information on the Tamimi family's role in the murder of Jews and their open support of terror, see  Petra Marquardt-Bigman's post:
Amnesty International wants to ignore that supporting Bassem Tamimi means supporting terror


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

BRAVO BRAVO, even though this guy stole my act i'm glad he gave these terror appeasing lemmings a taste of their own medicine as we all know UC berkeley has a long history of disrupting pro-Israel speakers.

Anonymous said...

Here is a video of Bassem's cousin Ahlam Tamimi , who orchestrated the Sbarro suicide bombing. Note how she exalts over the death of Jewish children

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jaime Cader of the ISM who assaulted the speaker with the Palestinian flag- its a gathering of haters

Anonymous said...

Chant this:

From the River to the Sea,
Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you people! I don't understand why you think that you are worthy of self determination while others are not. How can you believe that people will stop fighting for their rights, the same rights that have been afforded to you people as European Jews. Your lives are no more important or worthy of existence then the life of a Palestinian. You hypocrisy amazes me. The only path to peace is to allow all people the equal rights and provide them with restorative justice to the wrongs that have been committed. Your hate and intolerance will only lead to more bloodshed.

Dusty said...

What makes you believe we don't believe ALL people are entitled to self determination? What makes you think we are European Jews? Your jumping to conclusions amazes me.

The vast majority of American Jews and Israeli Jews believe in a two state solution, with An Arab state of Palestine living side by side and in peace next to a Jewish state of Israel. That is the only way the desires of both people for self-determination will be achieved.