Sunday, March 20, 2016

Birds of a Feather. Israel Haters Unite to protest AIPAC

This weeks AIPAC policy Conference is the largest ever- with over 18,000 in attendance.  Jews and their diverse allies from all over the country have gathered in Washington DC in solidarity and support of a strong relationship between the US and Israel.

And of course, there are protests and planned disruptions.

Where else but an an AIPAC policy conference can  "Jewish" Voice for Peace, Code Pink, Al-Awda and International ANSWER find common cause with the Westboro Baptist Church?

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i was about to say that it's nice to see a little right wing Jew hater represented for a change. but actually the west borough baptist church is so far to the right that they've long since falling off the deep end and would probably be considered reactionary as far as the political spectrum goes. but i'm glad they showed up to the anti-AIPAC protest and ultimately put their stink all over the more standard muslim fanatics and leftist anti-Semites who usually show up. and let's not forget who else was there. a handful of our favorite kapo Holocaust denying naturi karta who Jew haters love to tout as "real Jews". from an image stand point that works for us for all of them to be together at this thing. the only thing at that point missing would have been david duke to complete that picture of the Jew hate league of social misfits. from Arutz Sheva today on the crap in DC