Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Palestinian statehood bid defeated at the UN Security Council.

The  15-member council United Nations Security Council fell short of the 9 votes needed to pass the statehood resolution.  Eight voted for the resolution and two voted against, with five abstentions.

Supporting the resolution were France, China,   Russia, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg. Australia and the United States voted against.

UK, Nigeria,  Lithuania, South Korea and Rwanda abstained from supporting the resolution

Speaking about the  vote, US Ambassador Samantha Power said: “We voted against this resolution not because we are comfortable with the status quo....peace must come from hard compromises that occur at the negotiating table.”

She added:

"The United States every day searches for new ways to take constructive steps to support the parties in making progress toward achieving a negotiated settlement.  The Security Council resolution put before us today is not one of those constructive steps."

She said the text was "deeply imbalanced"  with "unconstructive deadlines that take no account of Israel’s legitimate security concerns."

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In response, Palestinians burnt an American flag, and continued their incessant whining.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm happy to say even before this resolution vote i had plenty of reasons why i would never step foot in France, China, Russia, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and now i have one more reason to add to my list. not that it really matters the piece of toilet paper i used this morning is worth more then the paper a united nazis resolution is printed on.

Anonymous said...

You lot are sickos, but I will show you love as giving hate to racist people. I hope one day you will realise your mistakes.

Anonymous said...

You sickos work so hard to distort the truth otherwise your nazi ass would be dismantled