Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lies the BDS holes tell.

Lies the BDS holes told.

Via Noura Khouri.

She tweets: "2014  will forever go down in history as when we stopped Zim from coming to the US."

No, it won't Noura.

Zim Shipping still has a robust American presence , in spite of your best efforts.

Just this week, the Zim Istanbul off loaded in New York harbor.(That's in the US, Noura) before moving down to Norfolk VA (That's also in the US, Noura)

Again, Noura Khouri proves that in the absence of any concrete victory,  BDS holes are more than happy to lie. 


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

the truth and BDS are like oil and water. notice how the latest thing these assholes do when it comes to online debates is to say they don't hate arabs when they get called out as anti-Semites? as if they don't know what the term anti-Semite means. if it's not the history books they're trying to re-write it's the dictionary. such a pathetic lot of perpetual whining losers and always ready to come running to the defense of their heroes hamas.

Anonymous said...

@Shlomo If anyone is stupid enough to say "I don't hate Arabs," in response to an accusation of anti-semitism, I hope our response will be, "So, you're ready to admit your hatred for Jews."

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

do you remember when that old Jew hating hag helen thomas tried that ploy in one of the worst question dodges i've ever seen. it was shortly after that when i started seeing the radical left pick up on that move.