Sunday, June 22, 2014

Terror attack in the Golan. Israel strikes back

From the Times Of Israel
A 15-year-old Israeli boy was killed in the Golan Heights Sunday morning in what the IDF said was a missile attack from Syria, just south of the Quneitra crossing. Three others were hurt, including his father, a civilian contractor, who sustained serious injuries.

A vehicle that was delivering water to the contractors, who were working on the fence that Israel is building across the plateau, was targeted with an anti-tank missile fired from the Syrian side of the border, military officials said.
The IDF responded with tank fire at “Syrian military posts in the immediate vicinity,” IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said. The IDF was weighing a further response to what was regarded as a deliberate attack, military sources said later Sunday.

“This is not a case of errant fire but of an intended attack,” he said. “The IDF will continue to watch the northern border and react to developments in the field accordingly.”

The boy, Mohammed Karkara, from the town of Arraba in the lower Galilee, had accompanied his father to work on what was the first day of the summer vacation.
In response, Israel targeted 9  military installations in Syria.
Again, from the Times Of Israel

“The IDF targeted nine Syrian army positions in response to the earlier attack that originated in Syria killing an Israeli teenager and injuring two other Israeli civilians. The targeted sites include Syrian [regional] military headquarters and launching positions,” the IDF said in a statement. 

Time for Assad to realize that his choices have consequences .

"Yesterday's attack was an unprovoked act of aggression against Israel, and a direct continuation to recent attacks that occurred in the area," said Lt. Col.Lerner. The  military  "will not tolerate any attempt to breach Israel's sovereignty and will act in order to safeguard the civilians of the state of Israel."

As expected, there was complete silence from CodePink, Jewish Voice for peace and the Presbyterian Church on the unprovoked attack on Israeli soil leading to the death of 15 year old Mohammed Karkara.

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