Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anti-Semitic Slight in Bay Area Yearbook

Its not a harmless prank.

A Bay Area family is reeling from a slur printed in their son's high school yearbook.

In a team photo in the Monta Vista High School yearbook, a student intentionally changed the last three letters of classmate's name to "Jew". It was unnoticed by the yearbook adviser and ultimately was published and distributed  in 1,600 copies of the yearbook.

The boy's family are Israeli.

Via the  San Jose Mercury News:
The victim's parents, who speak Hebrew at home, are stunned by the stain on their son's name in the yearbook. The boy's mother said it brought to mind signs posted in Eastern Europe before the Holocaust era that read, "No Jews or dogs." Jews were also labeled during World War II by the Nazis, who forced them to wear yellow badges announcing their religion.

"It always starts out little by little," she said. "It's better to stop this now when it's little."
School officials said the offender will face "consequences.",  and will not be permitted to attend graduation.

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