Sunday, June 22, 2014

Palestinians mock the kidnapping of Israeli students

While the Jewish world unites in prayer for our missing boys, Palestinian popular press and social media are filled with repugnant, mocking imagery.  Among  the Palestinians there is a startling lack of empathy for these boys, missing over 10 days, now.

Palestinians mock the kidnapping of Israeli students

Palestinians mock the kidnapping of Israeli students

Palestinians mock the kidnapping of Israeli students

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Arutz Sheva has unearthed something so much worse than these static, gloating images. Videos  have been made to dramatize the abduction of three Jewish teens, featuring the Jewish equivalent of blackface- racist caricatures of religious Jews, with oversize black hats and earlocks.

From Arutz Sheva

A two-part Palestinian Arab Youtube video reenacts the recent abduction of three Jewish teens in a way that apparently reflects mostly the imagination of its makers.

The first video shows the three teenagers – portrayed by Arab actors – waiting for a ride while the team of kidnappers prepares to go into action. Two of the abductors are supposedly dressed as a hareidi father and son, with hats on their heads and long sidelocks.

The “father and son” pretend to fight over the father's anger at the boy for failing to pray. The “son” falls to the ground and the “father” calls the three teenagers to help him. They offer to put the “boy” in the car, in order to evacuate him to get medical assistance.

As they start carrying the “boy,” a third member of the cell, armed with an assault rifle, emerges and abducts one of the teenagers. The other two terrorists spray an anesthetic in the faces of the two other teenagers and place them in the car's trunk.

The second video shows the three “abductees” bound and blindfolded, with the abductors stading behind them, armed. They claim responsibility for the abduction in the name of the Abu Saker al-Halili Brigades and vow to treat them according to the rules of Islam.
Its so utterly repulsive I can not bring myself to link to it, nor can I even begin to fathom the sociopathic collective mindset that could produce such a travesty.

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