Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scenes of Israeli Apartheid. Fail

How many times have you heard anti-Israel activists talk of "segregated" buses in Israel?  Have you ever noticed they can not show you any evidence?  There is a reason.  Its an absolute lie.

Courtesy of Avi Meyer, via twitter

For a glimpse at the "segregated" Veolia light rail system, check out this clip.

I see a beautifully diverse group of people riding together. I see signage in both Arabic and Hebrew.  There is no"segregation".

Another Apartheid fail, courtesy of Arsen Ostrovsky,  also from Twitter.

Time for one more fleeting glimpse into the world of Israeli apartheid via the fine folks at Israellycool

Israel.  Her diversity is her strength. May she continue to go from strength to strength, and continue to make us proud.

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