Friday, May 2, 2014

Charlie Daniels in Israel. Another BDS fail

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How did we ever miss this precious moment?

Like all artists that commit to playing their music for their fans in Israel, Charlie Daniels was subjected to a ceaseless barrage of criticism, by the usual half dozen spammers, and their multitude of sock-puppet accounts

Unlike most artists, Charlie Daniels responded.

He gets it. BDS isn't about the future borders of the state of Israel. Its about the eventual elimination of Israel.

In September of 2013, Charlie Daniels wrote an open letter to his critics, and to his fans
It's hard to imagine just how tiny the state of Israel really is and yet it seems that every time some world leader comes up with a new Middle East peace plan it always involves Israel giving up more territory, and the truth of the matter is that Israel doesn't have anything left to give up.
Realistically speaking, the reason these peace plans never work has little to do with Israel giving up territory, they could give up everything but one block of Tel Aviv and their enemies still wouldn't be happy, they simply want the state of Israel to disappear, to disintegrate, to cease to exist and until the "peacemakers" grasp this reality, the Middle East peace talks will yield no meaningful fruit.
He concludes:
This will be my third trip to Israel, a land and a people I have developed a deep and abiding love and respect for. Before I ever went to Israel I was told that a trip there would change your life.

I have found that to be so true and so precious.
Thank you, Charlie, for that.
And for this:

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