Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Week Failures Leave BDS cru broken hearted

Its been a decidedly epic week of  BDS failures.

*  On  Sunday, Feb 10 dozens of supporters of Cliff's variety store in San Francisco showed up and waited in line before the store opened for a "Buy-cott". Cliff's had been besieged by anti-Israel activists for months for daring to sell Israeli products.   In response, BDS Commandant  Dalit (Dov) Baum declared "Victory", presumably thrilled that someone, anyone had noticed the BDS'ers efforts.

Dalit is a paid employee of Global Exchange, in charge of "Economic Activism". Put her down in the column "unclear on the concept".

* Also on Sunday,  200 students and nearly a dozen Israeli companies including Intel and Check Point Software, showed up for  Stanford University’s first-ever Israel Technology Fair at the Palo Alto campus. The invited companies were either Israeli-founded, Israel-based or had significant operations in Israel 

* Acclaimed Spanish writer Antonio Munoz Molina accepted the  prestigious Israeli literary award, despite calls from anti-Israel activists to boycott the Jewish state. The Jerusalem International Book Fair attracts hundreds of publishers and authors from over 30 countries and features than 100,000 books written in numerous languages.

“The worth of a prize depends on the people who have received it before you,” Molina told reporters. “I would like to be as good as many of them.”

* Apple  announced that it will open its third research and development center in Israel.  The new center will open later this year in Raanana's industrial zone.   Apple already has R& D centers in Haifa and Herzaliya.

*  According to Israel’s Flower Growers Association  some 60 million roses, orchids, Bonsai trees and other flowers will be exported to Europe this Valentine’s Day.  Israel will send flowers to The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and for the first time, the UK.

* And in other Valentines day BDS fail news:  An action directed toward chocolatier  Max Brenners in Boston, left 15 pitiful dateless BDS' holes outside in the cold, while hundreds enjoyed  chocolate fondues, hot chocolates and the warm company of their loved ones.

*  The Ministry of Defense has given Rafael Advanced Defense Systems the green light to sell its Iron Dome and David's Sling missile defense systems to other countries.  This has the potential to become yet another massive BDS fail. These products  were showcased at the Aero India 2013 exhibition in Bangalore, hub of India's high-tech sector, last week.   India is  a major buyer of Israeli defense systems

To Dalit (Dov) Baum, to Global Exchange and the the entire BDS cru:   May we wish you more of such "victories"

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

great news! it's amazing too especially considering that Raanana (pronounced like banana) is right next to Herzaliya which already has an Apple research facility.