Monday, February 25, 2013

End the Occupation of the Jews in the Middle East

Mike L.

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I know that this is a radical notion, particularly in the violent Arab-Muslim Middle East, but I recommend that the majority non-Jewish population in that part of the world, both the governments and the people, cease trying to murder the Jews and end their theocratically-based occupation of the Jewish people.

I do not see anyone else recommending this obvious solution to what Harvard Professor, Ruth Wisse, calls the Arab war against the Jews, but I thought that I might put it forward.  The Middle East is a vast area.  It's huge.  Within it is the majority Arab-Muslim population that constitutes something close to 400 million people.  A much smaller population is the Christian population, but they are leaving the area, an area that largely belonged to Christians for many centuries, because of religious hatred toward them.  Certainly the Copts in Egypt are among the most abused population in that part of the world and they are departing because of chronic abuse by the majority Muslim population.

The Jews, of course, are another matter.  We used to be spread throughout the region, but after we established Jewish autonomy on Jewish land in the State of Israel our rather intolerant Arab-Muslim cousins booted us out of our homes in places like Egypt and Iraq and Lebanon and thereby compelled Jewish aliyah to Israel shortly after the re-founding of our national homeland.

The truth is that the tiny minority of Jews in the Middle East have been under Arab-Muslim imperial domination for thirteen of the last fourteen centuries.  (That's a very long time, by the way.)  Throughout the first thirteen of those centuries we were largely something akin to slaves within the Muslim colonial system of dhimmitude.  We were abused as second and third-class citizens by a people who held us in theological contempt, and although dhimmitude varied in its degree of malice from time to time and place to place, we never had it better than Black people did under the system of Jim Crow in the United States.  Malice toward Jews is hard-coded in the Koran and, in fact, is stressed in the opening sentences of that particular book.

What I say is that it should stop.

I understand that ending violent, genocidal Arab-Muslim hatred toward Jews is inconceivable for most people, particularly western "progressives" many of whom honestly believe that the Jews richly deserve whatever beating we get, but I request that you consider it.  It does not take that much of a stretch of the imagination to consider the possibility that maybe, finally, the Jews do not really deserve the never-ending aggression toward us.

Think of it this way:

The Jews are a tiny minority amongst a much larger, generally hostile, majority population who have within living memory come through the slaughter of one-third our number in Europe, in part because the Arabs did not want us to escape from Europe to Palestine.   After thirteen centuries of perpetual abuse the Jews of the Middle East gained their freedom because the allies defeated Germany and the imperial Ottoman Empire in World War I and because us Jews, ourselves, fought for our own freedom within our historical homeland.

Once the Jews of the Middle East secured their freedom, and the defeat of dhimmitude, the larger Arab-Muslim majority in the region declared war upon us and that war continues to this day.  The stages of the Long Arab War Against the Jews in the Middle East are as follows:
Phase 1, 1920 - 1947: Riots and Massacres

Phase 2, November 1947 - April 1948: The Civil War in Palestine

Phase 3, 1948 - 1973: Conventional Warfare

Phase 4, 1964 - Present: The Terror War

Phase 5, 1975 - Present: The Delegitimization Effort
This war has resulted in the relative impoverishment of the Palestinian-Arabs who refuse to accept the fact that the Palestinian-Jews have, after 2,000 years, regained our national home.  If they would kindly reconcile themselves to the fact of the State of Israel they could go about making their lives better for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren and would be gratefully accepted by the Jewish population within Israel.

The western left, including G-d Knows how many western Jews, tend to believe that the reason that Arabs throw rocks at Jews is because the Jews have been mean to the Arabs.  This is false.  Arabs throw rocks at Jews out of Koranically-based race hatred toward the Jewish people, just as they have always done, combined with an intense bigoted resentment toward the fact of Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land.  This is why the Palestinian-Jews have placed check-points and a security barrier between themselves and much of the Palestinian-Arab population.  What the Arabs call the "occupation" is merely Jewish measures of self-defense and nothing else.

We are free now and we intend to stay free.

The Day of the Dhimmi is Done and when the greater Arab-Muslim majority accepts this fact then the long Arab War Against the Jews of the Middle East will end and the lives of the Palestinian-Arabs will greatly improve.

I say, give it a shot.  If Barack Obama did not encourage otherwise, the United States and the west could promote Arab liberality toward us.

The Arab acceptance of Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land is the only possible hope for peace, after all.

Until that day comes the Palestinian-Arabs will continue to ruin themselves and they will do so at the encouragement of their own leaders and at the encouragement of their cruel fellows in the greater Arab-Muslim world.

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