Monday, February 11, 2013

JVP: Still Proudly Aiding and Abetting Anti-Semites

Looks like  a wide multi-ethnic group is now united in exposing JVP's hypocrisy.  Its not simply  "members of the tribe"  mumbling about the magnitude of chutzpah it takes to be  part of the "proud to be ashamed to be Jewish" group.  Now Palestinian activists are complaining that JVP just isn't anti-Semitic...enough.

Jewish Voice for Peace is the group that insists all  Jewish community events be open to them- while deliberately excluding anyone who disagrees with them from theirs.  Free Speech for me and not for thee. Their current project is attempting to stack the deck at a dialog organized by the New Israel Fund and the JCRC, entitled Love, Hate and, the Jewish State: A dialog for young Jews on Israel and social justice.
February 21, 2003, 7-10 pm.  Hijacking agendas.  Its what JVP  lives for.

Of course, being Jewish and being for peace are not criteria for membership. Anti-Israel activist Paul Larudee proudly claimed membership in the organization in an article he wrote for The American Muslim

For the peace activists who tirelessly work for the establishment of an Arab state of Palestine living side by side and in peace with a  Jewish State of Israel, JVP's most egregious fault lies its its insistence on standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the worst conspiracy theorists and haters  out there.

We saw that clearly this weekend when JVP sponsored Hassan Fouda at their San Francisco meeting. Described by a Connecticut rabbi as "the most hate-filled individual I've ever meet", Hassan has no trouble filling in "as a  Jew", when needed to Jew-wash a protest.

Even more damning is  the company Hassan Fouda keeps. After all, he is a founder and Board member of the Council for the National Interest, described by the ADL as   "an anti-Israel organization that opposes U.S. aid to Israel and disseminates demonizing propaganda about Israel to academics, politicians, and other audiences."   The CNIF has sent delegations to the Middle East that met with terrorist leaders from Hezbollah and Hamas, including two delegations that met with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal in Damascus in 2009 and 2008. 

At the JVP meeting, Hassan Fouda was reporting back on his latest trip to the region.  Did JVP listen in rapt attention as Hassan discusses his meeting with extremist Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel?

From the Mail Online:

A string of extremist statements have been attributed to Salah, though he denies having said many of them.He is said to have cast doubt on Osama Bin Laden's culpability for 9/11, suggesting instead the attacks were an Israeli plot and that Jews were warned not to go to work at the World Trade Center on that day.On homosexuality, Salah reportedly said: 'It is a crime. A great crime. Such phenomena signal the start of the collapse of every society. 'Those who believe in Allah know that behaviour of that kind brings his wrath and is liable to cause the worst things to happen.'
In 2008 he was charged with incitement to violence and racism by a Jerusalem court over a speech in which he invoked what is known as the 'blood libel' – a notorious anti-Semitic slur.In the speech, delivered in February the previous year, he was said to have accused Jewish people of using children's blood to bake bread.
At the time, Israeli newspapers quoted him as saying: 'We have never allowed ourselves to knead [the dough for] the bread that breaks the fast in the holy month of Ramadan with children's blood. Whoever wants a more thorough explanation, let him ask what used to happen to some children in Europe, whose blood was mixed in with the dough of the [Jewish] holy bread.'

Hassan Fouda proudly associates with a racist and homophobe.  Jewish Voice for peace proudly associates with Hassan Fouda.  Aiding and abetting extremists, anti-Semites and bigots. Not a proud track record for  either Hassan Fouda, or for Jewish voice for Peace.

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Gary Fouse said...

When they came to UC Irvine a couple of years back, they pruodly proclaimed that they took "direct action" (disruption) against pro-Israel speakers and that any defense of Israel was "useless discourse". They were Matan Cohen, Rachel Roberts and some former actress whose name I don't recall.