Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hezbollah targets kosher restaurants in Europe- still think its about the "occupation"?

From YNET:

 While Jerusalem and Washington are trying to convince the European Union to add Hezbollah to terror black list, a Cyprus trial might help bring about this change.

 Six months after the arrest of Hossam Taleb Yaacoub, 24-year-old Lebanese who holds both Lebanese and Swedish passports, Yaacoub has admitted in court to membership in the Hezbollah, and gave information regarding his communications with his handler, the use of code words, and European activities of the Shiite organization, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

 Upon his arrest, the assumption was that Yaacoub intended to carry out a terror attack against Israeli targets in Cyprus. He denied this, but admitted that his handlers ordered him to look for Kosher restaurants in Limassol. In addition, he said that he was sent by the Hezbollah to other areas in which there were great Israeli and Jewish presences, such as Antalya and Amsterdam. 

 The Cypriot police arrested Yaacoub on July 7. He had a red notebook in which he wrote down the license plates numbers of buses transporting Israeli tourists.  Less than two weeks later, a busload of Israelis was attacked in Burgas on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, killing five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver. Bulgarian officials have determined that Hezbollah is  behind the attack. 

The prosecution and the defense have both declined to comment before a verdict is reached, sometime in March. But a preliminary ruling by the three-judge panel last week found that the prosecutor had provided enough evidence to proceed on all eight counts, including four charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, two charges for participating in a criminal organization, one for participating in the preparation of a crime and a charge for covering it up.
For all of you well-meaning people out there, if its "all about the "occupation", why is Hezbollah targeting Kosher Restaurants?

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