Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Farming Injustice: An Action Plan

Farming Injustice: Feb. 9th  has been declared a day of rage against Israeli fruits and vegetables in the UK. (If we hear of any actions on this side of the pond, you'll be the first to know)

 From our our friends at  Five Minutes for Israel (5mfi).
Actions you can take to counter  the BDS movement plan for a campaign against Israeli agriculture on Saturday 9th February.
  • Do not allow them an open playing field to intimidate supermarket chains and, not incidentally, their employees and customers.
  • Do not allow them to gain media coverage to delude viewers and supermarket execs that they are a mass movement without opposition.
  • Do not let them pretend that even on one day retailing Israeli produce causes the company a loss.

Action items

  • Stage a Buy Democracy counter demonstration at every supermarket they picket (see the list here)
    • Buy Israeli products and make a point of showing the BDSers and any media present that you have done so
    • Even better. Take a photograph of you and the product in front of the BDSers. Five Minutes for Israel will be glad to make an album (send to David’s email with Farming Justice in the Subject)
    • This might be a good day to do your weekly shopping. Supermarket management is more likely to be impressed by paying customers.
  • Use the PSC’s own form to send a message to the supermarkets.
    • This will probably annoy PSC to the max, especially if they don’t realise what we are doing until too late. Even if they block them at source it will inconvenience them immensely. Click on this link or the graphic below
  • Write to the CEOs, media departments of the supermarkets. Numbers are important. (list here)

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