Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Violence and antisemitism at San Francisco anti-Israel rally

Sorry for the clip show.

One of our friends made this "worst of San Francisco" clip to document the vicious antisemitism and  violence from this weeks anti-Israel protests at the local Israel Consulate.  Footage came from a variety of local sources.

Its got it all.  From a  feeding frenzy of young jihadis screaming "Allah Akbar" while they tear apart a stolen Israeli flag  to gratuitous antisemitism and mayhem.  This  wasn't filmed in Pakistan, or in Somalia. This was filmed in San Francisco.

These rallies show,  if  case you had any doubt left, that these are not peace activists. Real peace activists  would not have been silent while rockets rained down on Israeli civilians. Real peace activists wouldn't steal flags from the hands of elderly people.   Real peace activists wouldn't  kick a 63 year old man in the groin.

Yitzhak Santis discusses the silence of the NGO's- non governmental organizations- in a new article in the J weekly today.  He writes:

"Silence is golden. So goes the proverb. But silence can be deadly when nongovernmental organizations claiming the mantles of human rights and peace fail to speak out when the lives of millions of Israelis are threatened by indiscriminate rocket fire. Each rocket from Gaza is a war crime, but only after Israel responded forcefully on Nov. 14 did these NGOs suddenly speak.
In the weeks prior to Operation Pillar of Defense, one such group, the Oakland-based Jewish Voice for Peace, lost its voice when Hamas and other terror groups were bombarding southern Israel. JVP was silent as 1 million Israelis were forced into shelters, as dozens were wounded, and children were traumatized.
Only after the Israel Defense Forces responded was JVP’s laryngitis cured. In record time, they created a section on their website called “Take Action for Gaza” complete with links to anti-Israel protests around the world (at the Nov. 16 San Francisco protest promoted on this list, “peace activists” chanted “Zionist scum, your time has come”) and a “Gaza protest toolkit.” The “toolkit” offers downloadable graphics with slogans like “Another Jew Against Attacks on Civilians. Stop the Bombs. Stop the Siege. Stop the Blank Check to the Israeli Military with U.S. Tax Dollars.”

But JVP offers no slogans protesting Hamas war crimes against Israeli civilians.
In a further display of cynically exploiting moral values, JVP’s official press release explicitly blames the Gaza crisis on Israel. Not until the statement’s fourth sentence, without naming Hamas or any other terror group, does JVP “also urge the end of rocket attacks from Gaza into civilian communities in Israel.” Their statement also holds Israel responsible “for the well-being and safety of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.” But JVP fails to hold Hamas responsible for the safety of Israeli civilians. Nor does JVP’s statement demand that Hamas protect Gazans situated near weapons depots and launch sites deliberately placed by Hamas in populated areas."
He highlights the hypocrisy of groups like Jewish voice for Peace which continues to provide cover to anti-Semites and to aid and abet those that would have Israel destroyed.  Read the whole article here.

We're in the first few hours of a cease-fire now.  Lets pray that it holds, and that  there is no more loss of life on either side of the border


Anonymous said...

Ann Wright just sent out an email via Code Pink- with the subject "Our Hearts Break for Gaza". Truly, they could care less about Israel, Israeli lives, Israeli children.

You should know this by now.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

so much for S.F. being the city of diversity and tolerance.

Doomdigi said...

We are called by god to help and support his chossen people. I as a disabled army iraq veteran would give my life if asked to defend israel. Shame to all americans who don't support our greatest friend and allie. The people of israel need our support help and love more than ever. I am sickened to see all the evil people in the city of sin,San Fransisco who hate the people of Israel. In the end,gods wrath will fall on the evil people of the world who don't. Love and help the people of Israel

wkovacs said...


as you are a disabled vet, you have already given enough. g-d bless you.