Sunday, November 18, 2012

Incredible Precision bombing of Gaza missile Site

 I am simply awestruck by the care and restraint the Israelis have taken to avoid civilian casualties in this struggle.  In this clip, a rocket is being launched from the backyard of a mosque- the Israeli Air force destroys the launch site and the mosque is left undamaged.

 The Israeli Air Force has issued a new video showing the pinpoint accuracy of aerial bombings and Hamas" use of holy sites for terror.
The surgical missile strike bombed the underground launcher site in the backyard of a mosque without causing damage to the building, used for worship by Muslims.
Precision aerial bombings in the Pillar of Defense counterterrorist operation have proven themselves, sparing civilian deaths and a media backlash.
Israel suffered serious damage in the Hamas propaganda war in Operation Cast Lead four years ago. Foreign media and Israel"s mainstream media accepted Hamas claims of civilian deaths, many of which later were proven to be untrue.


Concerned Australian said...

I am suprised that given the original UN resolution and division of land by UN decree, that we are here at this point. One would have thought that the Jewish populous given the atrocities that were perpetrated against them during WWII would have been compassionate and understanding. Yet all we see is the same warmongering and disregard for human life, not to mention the disproportionate access to arms and technology. This proves the point that both semetic religions are pure evil and just get people killed.

Dusty said...

Its easy to lapse into cynicism during times of war. I find the Israeli governments actions commendable considering whats been happening to them over the last few years. Israel has it within its capacity , militarily to make sure Gaza is never a problem again. But Israel will not take that action- instead they fight terror with precision strikes designed to minimize civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

@ Concerned Australian:

Would you be "compassionate and understanding" when attacked with rockets by people who want your destruction?

What is your point regarding "disproportionate access to arms and technology"? Do you want modern warfare to resemble some kind of a medieval duel?

Israel is here to stay--get used to it!