Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama Has Hamas's Back

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Mike L.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flew into Jerusalem yesterday in order to prevent Israel from performing a ground invasion into Gaza and thereby potentially taking out the radical Jihadi Hamas regime.

Barack Obama, who has significantly undermined Jewish well-being through promoting Islamist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, has claimed that he supports Israel's right to self-defense even as he undermines and dilutes that self-defense through an inconsistent foreign policy.  Whether it means taking out Hamas or taking out Iranian nukes, the Obama administration can be counted on to protect radical Islamic interests at the expense of the Jewish state of Israel.

The progressive-left, including the Obama administration, has shown that they consider Jewish life to be rather cheap and will do whatever they can to make sure that Jewish people remain sitting ducks in that part of the world.  While Israel is increasingly surrounded by radical Islamist regimes that hold genocidal intentions toward Jews, the Obama administration has done what it could to make certain these misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and non-democratic regimes come into power allegedly in the name of "democracy."

Meanwhile Hamas is now sending suicide bombers back into Israel, blowing up a Tel Aviv bus today injuring twenty-eight people and signaling what may be the start of the Third Terror War (intifada).  While Hamas was sending hundred of rockets into Israel, making life unlivable for a million Israelis in the southern part of that country, the Obama administration was silent.  Now that Israel has begun to fight back the administration is pressuring it to stand down and take its punishment.

As "Pnina," an Israeli commenter put it:
Any effective self defense will cause many civilian casualties in Gaza because Hamas uses civilians as human sheilds, so we’re not allowed effective self defense at pains of isolation, which means starving our economy and denying us military equipment – either die slowly or die quickly, our “allies” tell us.
I don't know exactly what Israel should do, but what I do know is that Barack Obama most certainly does not have Israel's back.  On the contrary, Obama has clearly shown that he has the back of the Muslim Brotherhood and the back of the Little Brotherhood in Gaza, Hamas.

Only Israel can protect itself and relying on the goodwill of this particular American regime is clearly a very, very bad idea.

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