Monday, October 22, 2012

Recent BDS fails, Great and Small

Lets start small.

Sighted at the Berkeley Bowl - an independent  and much beloved grocery store deep in the belly of the beast, Berkeley, in occupied northern California.  These are etrogim from Israel

Israeli Etrogim Available in Berkeley. Another BDS Fail

New Yorkers might not realize the significance of this.  This is Berkeley.   Even after years of dealing with the rage of angry anti-Israel activists- lame  flash mobs, vandalized Israel products, tabling, protests and boycotts, the local independent grocery is still proudly featuring Israeli produce.  Same as always. Do you know why?  Because these products sell.

BDS fail.

Lets get bigger, now.


The Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego, today announced the launch of the U.S. - Israel Center on Innovation and Economic Sustainability, supported in part by the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego’s Israel Studies Fund.

The center will promote collaboration between businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers and the diverse cultures of Israel to enable the translation of technology into new global market opportunities. It also will facilitate interactions between the respective innovation communities of the U.S. and Israel. The center has entered into discussions with four universities in Israel ­— Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Technion and IDC Herzliya and plans to collaborate with the UC Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israeli Law, Economy, and Society and the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for Israel Studies at UCLA.

This center will be the first U.S. - Israel center at a major university to focus on innovation, sustainability and job creation,” said Rady School Dean Robert S. Sullivan. “It is also about community building. The center will provide opportunities for the Israeli and San Diego entrepreneurial communities to interact, to identify new opportunities and to provide unparalleled immersion learning for students and the community.”

“Technology and global business development means the world is becoming ever smaller,” said Charlene Seidle, Jewish Community Foundation senior vice president. “Strategic relationship building and shared learning make sense. The center will build from the already robust connections between Israel and San Diego in order to reach new heights of innovation that fill real-time needs.”

Massive, Epic BDS fail.

While the BDS cru were busying themselves  annoying shoppers in the Castro,  and inventing new BDS victories they've missed quite a bit. And I say this with a smile.


Anonymous said...

I'm on your side. I hate BDS and want and believe it will fail. However I must point out that those etrogim are from California. It says so in Hebrew right on the box. Hebrew letters does not always mean Israel. Sorry.

Dusty said...

Ah, dang. Shoulda paid attention in Hebrew school. Still got a huge kick out seeing these in Berkeley!