Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oakland Kosher restaurant faces anti-Semitic harassment

While news of the blatant Antisemitism  of the Free Gaza movement circulates around the world,  closer to home a beloved  local restaurant is also feeling the sting from this irrational hatred.

Yeah its all about the "occupation".

From the J Weekly:

An Oakland restaurant featuring Israeli cuisine has been bombarded by dozens of anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli and other threatening phone calls over the past month, according to its owner.
 Jonathan Wornick said his restaurant, Amba, has received “maybe 50 calls” since early September, sometimes as many as four in one day.“If one of my female employees answers, he says he’s going to come in and rape her, or kill [employees] or follow them home,” Wornick said. “And other things that are somewhat incoherent statements about the Jews and/or Israel.”
Wornick said he has contacted the Oakland Police Department but is mainly working with AT&T and its call-tracking system to “zero in on the phone number,” which shows up as blocked on caller ID. There are no leads or suspects, he said Oct. 3.“When the calls come in, at this point we just hang up and don’t listen to them anymore,” Wornick said.
Wornick noted that there have been no incidents at the restaurant, and that he has not contacted the Anti-Defamation League or any other agencies about the phone calls, saying he doesn’t feel “particularly threatened at the moment.” 
Jonathan Wornick does the community a disservice by  not reporting these incidents.  Antisemitic incidents need to be tracked -  and the community needs to be aware of these disturbing trends in our own backyard. As for me,  I'm going to show Amba some love the traditional way- I'm going to stop by for lunch tomorrow  and order up a  yummy tostie, with a side order of  some of the best french fries in the East bay.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

Jews must not be complacent or pretend they are OK: these people who threaten will rape and kill without hesitation! He SHOULD feel threatened because these Nazis mean every word.
BTW if someone was doing the same to muzzies, the police would have arrested the perp by now! Please Jews, do not downgrade your fear, it's more real than islamofauxbia!!