Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hi tech Expo comes to Starving Gaza.

More scenes from Gaza,  the world's largest  Concentration Camp Gaza.  (with heartfelt apologies to North Korea)

 Expotech 2012 - a high tech conference was held this month in Ramallah and  at the Rashad Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza  This years  theme  was “The Pledge for INNOVATION”.

From the Expotech youtube channel

EXPOTECH Technology Week 2012 will carry the theme "The Pledge for INNOVATION" representing the new vision to grow a nation that nurtures innovation and contributes to world knowledge.

EXPOTECH 2012 will look to add value, knowledge and connections. In addition to the two-day IT Conference that will attract world experts discussing "Palestine IT Industry Beyond Borders -- Integrating within the Global Scene" and "Innovation, R&D - The Linkage Between Idea and Commercialization", along with a full day informative conference designed to attract experts in Technology Niche Area(s) to point out the opportunities and the benefits of redirecting and developing business in two of the hottest topics from the perspective of the global technology industry: Mobility and Cloud Computing.
Business Delegations from different parts of the world will be invited, the IT Exhibition will be conducted with a unique and new approach for the renowned EXPOTECH Exhibition to display IT innovation in Palestine and bring together for the first time under one roof all of the IT ecosystem representatives.

Map of the Exhibition Hall  at the  Rashad Shawa Cultural center in  Gaza

My heart breaks at these scenes of want and deprivation. My eyes swell with tears,   The siege of Gaza is clearly cruel and inhumane. Won't someone send a ship from, oh, lets say, Sweden filled with I pads and I phones for this poor beleaguered people?


More photos from Gaza's spectacular Expotech 2012 at the blog of our friend,   AussieDave

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