Monday, October 29, 2012

Afikomen Judaica Vandalized

Afikomen Judaica in Berkeley is a beloved community institution.  Since 1991,  we've gone there to chose our children's bat and bar mitvah invitations. We've picked out our ketubbot- and rented our chuppahs there.    Its where you can find gorgeous  havdalah candles from Safed and fair trade organic Hanukah gelt.

Tonight someone smashed the window of Afikomen.

From Rabbi Menachem Creditor of Netivot Shalom:

"Thank God, everyone is fine, and damage was minimal. But this store is our Jewish community's treasure, and an attack on it is an attack on us all, Jewish and not. Please make an effort to pay a special visit to Afikomen this week, spending some extra time and money as a statement of support and solidarity with Chaim, Nell, and the important work they do convening our community and exposing us all to new and exciting Jewish learning, books, music, art, and more."

In 2010, two Jewish businesses in Oakland were also attacked-  Holy Land Restaurant and the Grand Bakery  both had their windows smashed. Amba , a kosher restaurant in Montclair has been subject to harassment and threats recently as well. .  While its certainly too soon to assume that this was a hate crime, lets heed Rabbi Creditor and pay the store a visit-  its just about time to do your Hannukah shopping anyway.  As the days grow darker and darker, lets remember that we have it within our power to increase the light in the world. Lets start now.

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