Saturday, July 16, 2011

Code Pink attempts to Hijack Rebuilding the Dream house meetings

Interesting Code Pink email this week

We need YOU to join the Pink Dream Team.
Make time this weekend to attend a Rebuild the Dream house meeting near you. Don't forget to wear your pink, take your talking points, and ensure that ending the wars remains a pillar of the progressive agenda.

Were you disappointed when Obama chastised progressives during his deficit press conference on Monday? Instead of slashing vital programs, there's a real path to ending the country's debt problem - end the wars, cut military spending, and tax the rich.

With 9.2% unemployment, we can't afford one more cut to social programs. 25% of American children live in poverty - how will they build an American dream when the WIC budget is slashed?

As part of the Pink Dream Team, you'll help bring the voice of reason to this weekend's house meetings. It's up to YOU to make sure that ending wars, supporting whistleblowers, and cutting aid to Israel are part of the progressive agenda. Help us cover at least 10% of the 2000 meetings. Let us know which one you will be at and get your talking points and hand-outs.

For the peaceful America we all dream about,
Alli, C.J., Dara, Farida, Gayle, Heather, Janet, Jean, Jodie, Kristen, Lisa, Nancy, Medea, Melanie, Rae, Sanaa, Sasha, Tighe

P.S. Remember, staying home this weekend could mean the progressive movement joins the president in sweeping $4 trillion wasted on war under the rug. Can you afford to let that happen?

But check out their website. Can you see the difference?

Join CODEPINK in Rebuilding the American Dream!

CODEPINKers are participating in this movement to remind our sisters and brothers that Bringing the War $$ Home is a foundational aspect of rebuilding the dream. The PINK Dream Team is attending 33 events this weekend. Will you join the PINK Team?

How You Can Help:

1. Sign up NOW to attend an American Dream house meeting near you on July 16 or 17. Remember to Wear Your Pink!

2. Email to let us know you've joined the PINK team. Be sure to include what city you'll be attending a meeting in.

3. Things to remember to add into the discussion:

a. Over $3 trillion has been wasted on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan For more information see Brown University's Costs of War which is recapped in this Huffington Post article.

b. Our nation's mayors agree with us! They passed a historic resolution calling on Congress to cut military spending and redirect the money to domestic priorities at their recent conference in Baltimore

c. The president's "withdrawal" plan from Afghanistan keeps the war going for another three years. That's three years too many. Human needs must be met, not the war machine. Instead of cutting programs like Women, Infant, Children, the federal government should cut the military budget.

d. Another waste of tax dollars are the millions of dollars wasted on prosecuting, infiltrating, and harassing whistle blowers who expose criminal actions and activists who oppose wasteful war policies. The Washington Post reported on out-of-control waste and spending in US intelligence agencies.

Feel free to print out these points and bring them with you to the discussion for easy reference.

4. Download the Not War sign. You can write in your priority for spending. This is based on our popular "Make Love Not War" material. This time, you can tell the world what you'd like to make instead of war! Try to print on pink paper. Take it with you to your meeting and invite people to take a picture with you and the sign. If you can print out other copies and have other attendees write in their priorities, that would be great!

5. Download the War Dollars Home Flyer (pdf). The flyer is designed to be printed double-sided and cut into 1/4 page handouts. This flyer will provide other participants with a succinct introduction to our campaign.

6. Bring a sign-up sheet for our Bring Our War $$ Home campaign, so people can stay connected with us.

7. Remind your CODEPINK sisters to join the PINK team and attend a house meeting near them!

8. Email and tell us how the dream meeting went. How many people attended? How many signed up for more information from CODEPINK? What did you think about the experience?

Notice the difference? Code Pink knows that ending aid for Israel is an unpopular stand. That part of their agenda was reserved for very "special" activists. What can you say about an organization that feels the need to lie about its agenda in public forums?


BBJ said...

Tell them what they want to hear...

Always a winning strategy.

Ishai said...

Shouldn't pro-Israel folks also be in favor of ending military aid to Israel? If the US didn't give Israel all those US-made weapons, they wouldn't feel entitled to boss Israel around and tell it what to do, making things worse. Then finally Israel could make its own decisions on its own terms. It's not like Israel really needs the aid -- they have their own military industries, and if they wanted to buy the same hardware from the US they could just raise taxes a bit.