Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Gorilla Flotilla: The Gaza Flotidiots could take a lesson from this group

In celebration of the Bristol Zoo's 175 birthday, a 'Gorilla flotilla' sailed into Bristol harbor. The Gaza Flotidiots could have taken a lesson from this clearly more organized and intelligent group

Photos from the BBC

More about the Gorilla flotilla:
"Today sees the launch of a summer art spectacle to celebrate Bristol Zoo’s 175th Birthday. After a launch at the Radisson Blu hotel, at 11.15AM a flotilla of three boats from the Bristol Ferry Boat Company will arrive in the floating harbour, sailing into Bristol on the boats will be a selection of colourful, life-size gorilla sculptures, just a few of the sixty unique sculptures that will grace Bristol’s streets and parks for the next ten weeks.

The boats will take the gorillas on a journey up the river, past the new M Shed Museum and the Thekla and under Prince Street Swing Bridge before arriving outside the Arnolfini where a further selection of Wow! Gorillas will be on display...

The aim of the Wow! Gorillas project is to unite Bristol’s residents, visitors, schools, artists and businesses in a city-wide celebration of the Zoo’s big birthday; Dr Bryan Carroll, Director of Bristol Zoo, says “As well as showcasing the wealth of creative talent the city has to offer, this public exhibition will attract tourists to Bristol, while encouraging Bristolians to be tourists in their own city. The trail also aims to engender civic pride, stimulate the local economy and create a fun event for everyone to enjoy.”

Well, Code Pink and friends- when a flotilla of plaster gorillas has more impact than you, maybe its time to re-strategize. We'll be waiting

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