Saturday, April 16, 2011

What the Well Dressed Anti-Israel activist will be Wearing this season

Oh, those silly folk at the International Anti Zionist Network are having their annual Seder. Again. At a church. On the wrong night. And it won't be kosher for Passover.

But the Bay area is oh, so diverse and tolerant, and that's why we all love it here.

Will they speak of the land, the people and the covenant at their " Seder"? Not likely. But I think I know what each and everyone of them will be wearing Saturday April 23, at the Lake Merritt United Methodist Church.

Yes, the well dressed anti Israel activist, their minds uncomfortably burdened by thoughts of oppression, privilege, guilt and patriarchy (oh, my!) will be wearing a recycled aluminum, free trade Kippah. It's the halachically acceptable, socially conscious version of the tin foil hat, and it will keep those pesky federal agents from reading their minds with microwaves.

From the website Fair Trade Judaica: Each kippah is handmade from recycled soda cans, lined with black vinyl and hand stitched with coloured telephone wire so that they are comfortable to wear. They are available in a variety of “flavors”/colors, including coke, diet coke, Sprite Zero, Tab, creme soda, orange fanta, grape fanta, lemon twist, mango twist, carbonated apple juice, and carbonated grape juice. Kippot in silver are also available using the inside of the can.

With all the colors available, anti-Israel activists should have no trouble finding something that will complement their favorite Che shirt.

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Anonymous said...

From the IJAN
There is a long tradition within Jewish activism, including for IJAN and its activists, of holding liberation seders.

In continuation of this tradition, we are excited to share with you the latest version of "Legacies of Resistance," an anti-Zionist Haggadah.

By Monday, there will also be available a supplement to the Haggadah that speaks directly to current struggles for dignity, justice and liberation on the following topics:

Freedom Fighting - Past and Present:
Revolutionary movements in North Africa and Southwest Asia (SWANA)

Beneath Our Feet:
The JNF and the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinian Land
We hope that for those of you who participate in Passover, these documents play some role in inspiring and supporting you in your observance and celebrations, and in deepening our collective commitment to confronting Zionism and other forms of racism.

Tzedek tzedek tirdof! Justice, justice, we shall pursue!


Hmmm. Ever read the part of the Hagadah that says "Next year in Jerusalem"? Thats pretty darn Zionist, doncha think?