Monday, April 18, 2011

Israel Plants " Apartheid" Forest

Israel's latest defensive strategy to protect its civilian population from terror attacks from Gaza is to plant trees. After the attack on an Israeli school bus that killed a 16 year old boy, a new tree planting project began with the goal of obscuring the line of sight between the Gaza Strip and nearby Israeli communities

Form the IDF website

This year, a project called "Forest Security" began, costing 7 million shekels, with the purpose of creating a boundary between the Gaza Strip and nearby Israeli communities by planting trees in hopes of creating an obstacle to the aiming of missiles and mortars at civilian targets. "We are planting trees that will grow and provide cover," Commander of Territorial Defense in the Gaza Division, Lt. Col. Ilan Dayan declared. "A person firing an anti-tank missile needs a line of sight to the target. If he doesn’t have one, he has a serious problem."It will take time, however, until the trees grow tall enough to obscure the line of sight from Gaza into Israeli communities near the border".

Yes, its just another defensive, non-violent strategy on Israel's part to protect its civilians. How long will it take before the enemies of israel before the enemies of Israel call this the "Apartheid Forest"?

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