Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hijacking Urban Dictionary "First the Palestinians Hijacked Airplanes. Now they Hijack Agendas"

From the early days of use-net, to the rise and fall of the Indymedia network, the free flow of the web has lent itself to every conspiracy theory from left to right, spread by by trolls, bigots and haters. The Internet is particularly rife with anti-Semitism.

Without constant vigilance from the forces of truth and justice providing checks and balances, the hate can be rather overwhelming.

Lets look at Urban dictionary. Like Wikipedia, its a user-maintained resource where users provide and vote on definitions for 'urban' words. Its a place where parents go to find out just what their teenagers are talking about. And its been over-run by haters.

Look up "Zionism" on Urban dictionary. The number one definition is " An extremely racist belief that Jews deserve to take over the Palestinian's land with the backing of the U.S. military." The number two definition the "Jewish equivalent of Nazism. A racist philosophy that believes only the Jewish race should inhabit the Holy Land and that all other races there - namely Arabs - should be killed or exiled."

Look up "Zionist" on Urban Dictionary. The number one definition: " A racist individual who uses Judaism and his/her goal in supporting Israel as an excuse to occupy, control, and subdue an entire group of people. Zionists do not believe in the true teachings of Judaism'. Number two is even more offensive: "A pig in the temple of God". Number three "Pretty much nazis, but theyre israelites. The most hated,selfish,discusting,racist people in the world who unfortunetely, make all jews look bad." (Yep, the mis-spelling are part of the definition.)

What can we do? Go to Urban Dictionary. Rate down the racism.(click on the thumbs down) Rate up the appropriate comments. (click on the thumbs up). Thats a good start. If you have a chance, write your own definition.

Need help?
For more information on Zionism and Zionists try:
Zionism - Definition and History


Who are Zionists and what do Zionists believe?


Definition of Zionism

That should get you on track. And if you see a site thats been over-run with anti-Semites, let us know. We'll try and help.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

today CNN reported that syrian forces open fire and killed 27 pro-democracy demonstrators and let's not even get into what's been going on in libya this past month. oh an in egypt they conduct some sort of thing with female protesters known as "virginity tests". sound fun huh? now keep in mind that this stuff is going on by arabs against other arabs. now what was that about Zionism being this terrible thing? all you progressive and far leftist retards should read something other then the huffington post for a change. and by the way arianna huffington is laughing at you all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

David H. - What does this comment have to do with the post?

Anonymous said...

llol guess you racist put the real definitions at the bottom and stuck the judeo-racist ones on top.

zionists hate arabs!

Dusty said...

Well, anonymous, sometimes the good guys win.
And no, Zionists don't hate Arabs. In fact some Zionists are Arabs.

Check out this man:

"From the age of zero I was told that Israel stole Palestine from us, but when I was 14 I woke up. I discovered that Jews are not bad," says Ala Wahib, an operations officer at a key IDF training base, and the highest-ranked Muslim officers in the Israeli army."

Anonymous said...

"Zionists hate Arabs"

Which, of course explains why there are Arabs in the Knesset and on the Israeli supreme court.

As well as in the Israeli diplomatic corps, and the Israeli Defense Forces.

Anonymous said...

You should post a follow-up. The threads have been completely cleaned up.