Saturday, April 16, 2011

And the accusations fly

Hamas has arrested four suspects so far in the execution of ISM volunteer Vittorio (Vik) Arrigoni. But that doesn't stop the haters from trying to pin the blame on Israel.

The latest baffling accusation to hit the web is this;

Israeli HIT LIST Includes Vittorio Utopia Arrigoni from

"Vittorio Arrigoni was on an Israeli hit list website called "Stop the ISM" The website called for his assasination. An archived page was created there are other targets to be killed. Be warned, 91177i... by 91177info in Law, Research, and Mossad"

A quick visit to the Stop the ISM website shows it is written in English, by an American journalist, Lee Kaplan. There is nothing on the site at all to indicate a connection to Israel. There is nothing in Kaplans' biographical data to indicate that he is now, nor has he ever been an Israeli citizen. Yet the rocket scientists at scribd say he's "Israeli".

Methinks they mean Jew.

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