Friday, March 11, 2016

More Pallywood style lies from Gaza's Dr. Basem Naim

After 4 rockets were launched against Israel today, hitting the town of Sderot  the Israel Air Force struck 4 Hamas military targets in Gaza. Palestinian sources claimed a 10 year old boy was killed, and his sister seriously wounded. 

Someone who ought to know better- Dr. Basem Naim,  Head of Council on International Relations, Former Minister of Health of Gaza has tweeted out this photo,.retweeted 45 times in just an  hour claiming this child was killed in the strikes earlier today.

Does that even look like a 10 year old?  Its not. Its a photo from at least 2011, resurrected by an official in the Hamas government for the express purpose of demonizing Israel

This isn't the first time Dr.Basem Naim has played fast and easy with the truth.  Don't expect a retraction anytime soon.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

ya know i tell ya. i'm not a social conservative and i've never been a one issue voter but damn. when you're dealing with such filthy disgusting lying enemies like the ones Israel has it makes me really want to vote republican. Marco Rubio in particular just seems to get it when it comes to this issue. if i may, this moment in one of the Republican debates with him just underscores that so well very