Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What’s got Sami Kishawi's knickers in a knot?

What’s got Sami Kishawi's knickers in a knot, this time?

In a rapidly warming world plagued by famine, disease and strife, Sami's concern is, well ...knickers. Shorts. Back and white patterned shorts, in particular, sold by retailer Zara because after all, Palestinians hold the patent on all things black and white and it's cultural appropriation, I tell you, Cultural Appropriation! to design anything in black and white without acknowledging this.

Apparently, anti-Israel activist and budding fashion analyst and arbitrator of taste Sami Kishawi resents having the politically significant kuffiyeh "worn around the waist and over the butt."

From Sami via his website: Sixteen Minutes for Palestine

The cultural appropriation of the kuffiyeh — be it in any form — is offensive not just to Palestinians but to all indigenous peoples who hold onto such designs as a sign of national, cultural, or historical identity. Although television show producers and American military officers appropriate the kuffiyeh as a trademark way of identifying "terrorists" for audiences to stare at or soldiers to shoot at, ZARA's appropriation of the kuffiyeh is yet another affront to the collective identity of a people struggling for an end to Israel's occupation and a start to the observance, accommodation, and protection of their natural human rights.

Ok, then, Sami. We get it. We get it. How dare Zara market anything in black and white without kowtowing to the Palestinian narrative?

Next in Sami's cross hairs: The New York Times Crossword puzzle

Sami has recently issued a critical update with vital new information on ZARA's  black and white shorts. Those are his words. "Critical update". Because our days couldn't possibly go on without this essential information.

He writes:

Earlier, we reported that fashion retailer ZARA was selling kuffiyeh-printed shorts without any attribution to the culture or history associated with it.

Days later, we updated the initial report after discovering that the item had been removed from the website. The original link as well as another direct link to the shorts both bring up a webpage that reads: "We are sorry. The item you are looking for is no longer available. Next, you will see similar products to: printed shorts".

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones to find Sami’s concerns, ummm, concerning

He continues:

Some readers feel that we are inappropriately sexualizing the product and misdirecting our criticisms. Others feel that our criticism of the kuffiyeh-printed shorts is overly sensitive.

Well, now that you mentioned it.....

Trying to suppress my snickers, reading ‘bout Sami's kickers.

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Anonymous said...

What an upsetting, contrived piece you guys have written. Anybody with a pair of healthy, discerning eyes can distinctly pick out that the pattern on those shorts is a spitting image of the Palestinian Kuffiyeh. You guys have a poor perspective if all you see is black and white colors or a "crossword" pattern. Garbage post through and through.