Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sorry, Alison Weir. Americans Know. You can't fool them.

The attack on the USS Liberty was a tragic accident that unfolded during the 6 day war.   Ten United States investigations and three Israeli inquiries conclusively established the attack was a mistake. According to the Jewish Virtual library

Israel ultimately paid nearly $13 million in humanitarian reparations to the United States and to the families of the victims in amounts established by the U.S. State Department. The matter was officially closed between the two governments by an exchange of diplomatic notes on December 17, 1987.

The USA and Israel have closed the matter, but flotidiot and anti-Israel activist Joe Meadors and his handlers at If Americans Knew are determined to keep  the incident alive.

To  Joe Meadors and Alison Weir. Americans Know, and that's why no one showed up to your little stunt.

Joe Meadors writes about a memorial service for the men killed and wounded in the attack on the USS  Liberty, and asks " What if you gave a memorial service and nobody came?"

On June 8th of every year — the anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty — USS Liberty survivors and our families gather to hold a memorial service in Washington DC. This year it was held in the Navy Memorial.
Members of Congress were invited to send an official representative to honor our fallen shipmates as were the Department of Defense and Navy Department, The American Legion, the Navy League and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
These are all organizations who never miss an opportunity to honor the American military especially those who have been Killed in Action during an attack by an enemy of the United States.
Well, almost never.
The Department of Defense was a no-show.
The Navy Department was a no-show.
The American Legion was a no-show.
The Navy League was a no-show.
Congress was a no-show.

The reasons were obvious, to all but Joe.  No one wants to risk the taint of an association with him or with his play group..

Joe Meadors identifies himself as the "Director of Operations" of the USS Liberty Veterans Association,  but his close alliances with doctrinaire haters Alison Weir and Paul Larudee have been well documented.

Joe- both you and Alison are whack job conspiracy theorists. The ADL diplomatically states  "Alison Weir’s criticism of Israel has, at times, crossed the line into distortions customarily found in the literature of anti-Semites."  Alison has written that Judaism “a ruthless and supremacist faith”. There's a word for people like her. I think you can guess it.

No one showed up to the memorial service, not out of disrespect for those who gave their lives in this unfortunate accident, but because of your involvement. When your organization carries the endorsement of the KKK, maybe its time to turn your gaze inward.

Here. Let me help you.

Americans Know, Joe.
Americans Know, Alison.

And that's precisely why Americans avoid you both.

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Gary Fouse said...

Alison Weir. She has spoken at UC Irvine twice. She even gave me her business card!