Saturday, June 21, 2014

British BDS'er expresses his desire for more kidnappings

Kudos to the intrepid activists at Sussex friends of Israel for standing up to hate, and for documenting the antisemitism of the BDS movement on  the other side of the pond.

From Today's protest at EcoStream- an environmentally friendly business that sells  bulk Palestinian olive oil. However,  since the dark and ugly core of the BDS movement is isolating and punishing Israel, NOT  helping the Palestinians, it is subject to protests for daring to sell the home carbonation device Sodastream
From the Blog of Richard Millet: Palestinian olive oil on sale at Ecostream

Abdul of Brighton BDS describes the three kidnapped Israeli youths as "soldiers" and  expressed his desire for 3,000 more kidnappings.

Again, thanks to our friends at Sussex Friends of Israel for not allowing hate to reign unchecked and  unchallenged on the streets of Brighton.

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