Sunday, July 8, 2018

In which Jewish Voice for Peace admits it is an outlier when it comes to Jewish community values

In which Jewish Voice for Peace admits it is an outlier when it comes to Jewish community values, recognizing that their views  do "not necessarily a reflection of the Jewish community at large".

In June, JVP posted a notice on Facebook looking for a campus coordinator at George Washington University.  A month later, people weren't exactly rushing to fill the vacancies.

In response, JVP posted their "Privacy Mechanism"
Emphasis mine.

Hello all,
We recently posted our online application for GW students to apply to become a coordinating committee member for Jewish Voice for Peace. We want to take a moment to address the needs and concerns of folk who want to work and organize with JVP, but are concerned about privacy and visibility on and off of campus.
Jewish Voice for Peace is grateful to all those who, inspired by Jewish tradition, are committed to working towards peace, social justice, equality, human rights, and respect for international law—in Palestine, the United States, and all across the world. However, while our interpretation and understanding of Jewish values underlines human rights and self determination for all, including the Palestinian people, we recognize that this is not necessarily a reflection of the Jewish community at large. Moreover, we recognize that for some, holding these values can have consequences. Namely, being ostracized from one’s family, one’s community, and even one’s home country. These consequences are not fair nor just but are a reality for pro-Palestine activists and organizers in our contemporary political climate.
Because we are an organization that seeks to empower and foster a radically inclusive Jewish community on campus, we want to emphasize the importance of privacy and respect in our coordinating committee. This means we will work with those who are unable to organize with us visibly to create a privacy plan that allows them to participate in our organization in a way that ensures their privacy and safety.
If you are interested in joining JVP but share these concerns, we encourage you to email us at, and we will work to accommodate you and welcome you into our org.
With love and solidarity,

After years of claiming they speak for the Jewish community, JVP is finally acknowledging just how fringe they really are, catching up with the rest of the community that already knew.

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