Saturday, June 11, 2016

Holy war: 1948 call for holy war against the nascent Jewish state

Throwback Thursday.

Nothing quite like looking at original documents to get to the heat of the matter.

From the May 15, 1948 Los Angeles Times, issued on the day of Israel's independence.

The war against Israel was not a territorial dispute- it was jihad- a holy war.

Sheik Mamoun Al Shinawi, rector of the 1000 year old Alazhar University and spiritual leader of Moslems throughout the world called today for a jihad (holy war) against the Jews of the new state of Israel.

"The decisive hour has come," Shiek Shinawi said in a radio address.

"Come to war and struggle for the sake of Allah"

"Today is your day," the rector told Moslems. "The whole world is watching you. Unless you rise to defend your rights,unless you fight your enemy and are ready to die for Allah and your countries, humiliation will be your lot"

There is no mention of the "Palestinian" people in this article, or in any newspaper article written in 1948.

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