Thursday, June 2, 2016

BDS: A new face on an old hate

Throwback Thursday.

BDS- boycotts, divestment and sanctions against the world’s only Jewish State are nothing new, and are not related to the "occupation"-  but against the very existence of Israel, within any borders.

From the Saturday Evening Post, Dec 27 1947  spoken by Salel Jabur, Prime Minister of Iraq

“What is it”, he asked me, that Americans want?” If it is a safe home for the Jews, that cannot be found in Palestine for Palestine is in the heart of the Arab world. We surround it. How shall a Jewish state live there?”

We will boycott it, give it no foods or raw materials, buy nothing from it. We will squeeze it in a ring of steel until it dies and our heart is ours again”

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Well I've got some bad news for this so called prime minister of the failed state of Iraq. I've been in Israel for just 3 short days but here's what I've seen - new construction to add on new sections to Ben Gurion International airport - construction cranes all over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - Arabs at Jewish owned bars as well as Arabs selling pro-Israel tshirts in East Jerusalem - absolutely no shortage of tourism every where I went. All of which backs up a recent article in Arutz Sheva that foreign investment in Israel has tripled in recent years. It is an absolute fact that the BDS (bored in denial and stupid) movement is a complete failure. Also wanted to mention that the massive crowds the Jerusalem Day light festival last night drew as well as the expected attendance of the Pride Parade I saw preparations being made for in Tel Aviv further underscores BDS fail.